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Obtain Your Certification in African American Health

It has been well established that African Americans have the lowest life expectancy and the highest burden of chronic diseases.  Some of these poor health outcomes are related to healthcare interactions that lack a range of competencies.  From bias and trust issues to a poor understanding of the research-based nuanced needs of African Americans, healthcare providers are frequently under-prepared for a variety of interactions.

The National Institute for African American Health (NIAAH) will issue a certification in African American Health after completing eight hours of Continuing Medical Education (five core and three elective courses) on the Pri-Med On-Line Network.

All learning opportunities are online and on-demand, so you can complete them anytime. 

After watching the lectures and earning your certificates, simply click the “REGISTER NOW” button below, complete the registration form, and pay the discounted fee of $199 (Regular price $299).  Then attach your CME Certificates to an email and forward them to   We will email your PDF certificate within 10 business days.

This “NIAAH-Certified Healthcare Provider” status will show the patient community that we, as clinicians, value Black patients and their medical care.

Step 1: Register for FREE PriMed CME Lectures HERE

Step 2: Watch the 5 core and choose 3 elective CME lectures HERE

Step 3: Click on the “Register Now” icon below and complete and pay


Step 4: Email CME PDF Documentation of course completion to [email protected]

Register for NIAAH Certification

Hyperlinks to three lecture examples are below.  You will need to register for the PriMed Network at NO additional cost by providing your valid NPI number.